The Revenue Roundtable

Revenue Integrity Management Consulting. Your Revenue Health Check-up

TRR is the consulting division of MedGate Healthcare Revenue Solutions and we specialize in improving efficiency in medical practices and/or specific departments that are value-added solutions. TRR also contracts with off-shore RCM vendors as "Facing Facilitators" for intitial prospect contact, facilitating contract negotiations, closings & other presentations.

About Us
  Our Team

TRR is composed of healthcare administrative & operational professionals with backgrounds in Coding, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Auditing, RCM, Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, Change Management & Project Management. The VP of Business Development & Consulting for Medgate HCR heads this division and has 33 years of experience in healthcare.

Our Clients
Meducate,the MedGate educational chronicles; blogs & newsletters

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